Taking on Challenges is an essential Life Skill that children need to take on the stresses and challenges of life, instead of avoiding them or simply coping with them. Learning to proactively take on challenges, no matter how big or little they may seem, helps children do better in school and in life.

How can you promote this Life Skill? Check out our free Resources for Taking on Challenges with kids of all ages. Download our Book Tips, Prescriptions for Learning tip sheets and Vroom activity ideas, all of which include fun ways for parents, teachers and caregivers to encourage Taking on Challenges in the everyday lives of children and families.

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New science tells us that our children’s first five years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. When you see your child’s eyes light up, their brain lights up too! In these moments, half a million neurons fire at once, taking in all the things we say and do. We can’t see it happening, but it’s all there, all at work. That’s why Vroom is here.

Vroom turns shared moments into brain building moments. Whether it’s mealtime, bathtime, or anytime in between, there are always ways to nurture our children’s growing minds. Vroom takes the science and makes it actionable for parents and caregivers just like you.

Download the free app called Daily Vroom that’s available for iPhone, Android, and Amazon Fire! It gives you a personalized brain building tip each day. These tips share the science of how that activity actually builds your child’s brain, enhancing the things you already do and helping to spark new ideas.

We invite you to learn more about Vroom and the more than 1000 Vroom tips at www.joinvroom.org/.

Download the full packet of the following tips.


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