Too Exhausted for Homework?

A Parent’s Perspective

Focus and self-control — I’ll venture to guess that most parents want to increase these skills in themselves, not only their kids.  But the great thing is that, when we promote these skills in our kids, we often exercise them too, offering kids a learn-by-example moment in the process.

My six-year-old daughter often has trouble buckling down to do her homework. We usually have a back and forth. She claims she’s “exhausted.” But I’ve noticed that often, after school, what she really wants is a moment of attention from me, doing anything-helping me cook, showing me a book she brought from school, or a new move she learned at dance. I’ve come to realize that what she needs is to take a break from school for a moment, be with me, and then ease back into homework. I also see how instrumental I am in helping her gather her attentional energies.  It is interesting that by slowing down and focusing, she becomes re-energized.

Share your thoughts: what are some strategies you use to help your child (or yourself) focus?

Michelle Morales focuses her attention daily on being a mom, a psychology major at NYU, and an intern at Families and Work Institute.